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C6 Morimoto headlights

For the problems with C6 headlight inside lens crazing you have 2 choices. Pull out the light and replace the lens which is ok if you are willing to do this process, I was not. Putting a C6 headlamp in the wife's oven at 150D.F for 8 hours, ah no way that would fly here. Now after watching this repair on You Tube it was a repair that simply was not for me. So I opted to buy the Morimoto Light assemblies, plus fog lamps (on sale with 5 year warranty) and replace the whole light assembly and do a serious front light upgrade and it is an outstanding improvement to any C6 IMHO. That noted, I took my 2005 to Tilley Brothers Body shop in Fuquay-Varina. They removed the old lights, shop rate is 2.5 hours on this, and the old lights which I sold on the Corvette forum (literally sold as soon as I put on the web $250 + FedEx shipping costs). They installed the Morimoto C6 lights, added the DRL (daytime running light harness) and also changed out the OEM fog lamps to the Morimoto LED fog lamps. WOWOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW it is such an improvement. Now, their installer forgot to adjust these new Morimoto lights, so I went and did the adjustment which is not bad to do.

If you want to have yours done they are willing to do this for Corvettes International Members at their shop. I did not discuss a price but Daryl Harrington the shop owner said after doing my Vet he understood what it takes and is not bad at all. His only issue was the DRL harness wires should have been longer to route under the front end and not over the top of the radiator. Quality body shop install and they stand behind their work. My old C6 light cores fit in the Morimoto boxes and got shipped to a new owner (that basically paid for my install of new lights). He found a broken wire in the front end and fixed (ambient temp sensor).

Full disclosure: They initially put a tech in training in mine who did not install the DRL Harness, or fog lights or adjust the headlights. Bottom line, shop owner himself redid their work and I am satisfied with their work and he agreed to do club members if they want to change out their lights. I was not charged any extra costs.

If you are interested call:

Daryl Harrington, Owner, Tilley Brothers Body Shop (in business for 70years) 919-552-4338. Note: they are a very busy shop doing crash repairs (they are a good shop and busy), so plan for the time. They have repaired my truck and my mothers car from Hail damage. I recommend them highly.

Tom Rhyne