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National Corvette Museum Ambassador: Fred Baritell

The National Corvette Museum

Anyone who wants to understand how the National Corvette Museum came about should take a lesson from the Mississippi River. This greatest of all U.S. rivers traverses the country north and south, travelling 2,339 miles from northwestern Minnesota south to the Gulf of Mexico. By combining with its two major tributaries, the Missouri and Ohio Rivers, it becomes the third largest river system in the world, able to carry massive watercraft.

While not exactly seaworthy, the National Corvette Museum is also like a great vessel, massive not only in actual size and weight, but in the scope of its aspirations. No meandering creek could ever have set it afloat. Not even the tide of enthusiasm released by a dedicated group of Corvette hobbyists could raise it. But when that river of enthusiasts met up with a stream of supporters within Chevrolet and a groundswell of aid from the proposed host community, the Museum was launched.

Museum Events

Each year the Museum offers a number of on-site events, Museum in Motion events, car shows and other presentations of interest to all.

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Recovery of 1 Millionth Corvette
Restoring 1 Millionth Corvette

Corvette Hall of Fame

The Corvette Hall of Fame was established by the National Corvette Museum in 1998 to confer official recognition upon the most influential individuals in the history of the Corvette and honor their achievements.

Corvette Hall of Fame inductees have distinguished themselves, not only through their accomplishments, but also by their high standards of integrity and character that reflect and enhance the reputation of the Corvette and the National Corvette Museum.



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