Transitions LifeCare

Transitions LifeCare

At Transitions LifeCare, we believe that every individual deserves the quality of life he or she wants when facing a serious illness or life’s end. We serve every patient, regardless of their ability to pay. Throughout our service area, an average of 8% of patients is underserved and indigent, which includes adults and children – four times the national average.  With a gift to Transitions LifeCare, you turn your care into comfort, your desire to help into hope, and your donation into dignity for a friend or loved one – and their family – at the end of life. We help patients live as fully and comfortably as possible and maintain a sense of dignity throughout their lives.

Transitions LifeCare offers a variety of expert care and support services in Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Harnett, Johnston, Orange, and Wake counties. To learn more about any particular service in your area, call 919.828.0890 or 888.900.3959 (toll free) or go to

Corvettes International President, Keith Beck, and Car Show Chairman, Ron Grieb, present the check for over $13,000 from our 2023 Fun in the Sun Spring Car Show to Transitions LifeCare.

Transitions LifeCare Testimonials

My father received end-of-life in home care. Hospice provided the care and services he and our family needed to keep him at home until the end. Our family appreciated the compassionate care he received. He was treated with kindness, care, concern, and close attention to the specific needs he had. Hospice was there for us and for him in our great time of need.

In 2003, my mother was terminally ill in Michigan. We (my siblings and I) contacted Hospice of Lenawee County for assistance so Mom could be at home. The staff were so helpful and compassionate in coaching us for the end which we knew was coming. At 5:00 AM on August 31, Mom’s breathing exhibited the symptoms Hospice had told us to expect. I called the Hospice nurse and gave her the symptoms. Her response was “It has started, and you need to help her relax”. Since I had been delegated responsibility for administering morphine, she told me the number of drops to place under Mom’s tongue. Because of that, Mom died very peacefully in the presence of her four children. I have been forever grateful for the compassion shown by the Hospice staff, and that is a major reason for helping with the Corvettes International Car Show. I am certain that same compassion plays out daily by the staff of Transitions LifeCare in Wake County.

In 1998 my wife, my best friend Bob and I ran the Annapolis 10-mile race in Maryland. It’s a prestigious 10-miler run through the town up and down hills and over bridges including the very high Severn River bridge. The race takes place in August usually on the hottest Sunday of the year. After the race we all went to lunch to recover and refuel. Later that night Bob, who I worked with at Towson University and who got Deb and me into racing had a car accident. He ran off the road. Subsequent tests revealed he had a brain tumor. Thus began a grueling 14 months of tests, treatments and surgeries. Bob had recently separated from his wife and his family was in Pittsburgh. Deb and I did as much for him as we could . Bob began his downward spiral and spent the last 6 weeks in Gilchrist Hospice. The care and understanding was excellent, not only for him but for his family and friends. Bob passed away in October,1999 at the young age of 52. Fast forward 15 years. My older sister was going through a number of health issues. She was in her mid-eighties. As a coincidence, she also spent the last week of her life at Gilchrist Hospice. The staff had changed in 15 years but the dedicated and caring attitude did not change. There is a special place in heaven for those who work there. I know the same kind of dedication is embedded at Transitions LifeCare. That’s why that charity is so important to me and my family.

While no one necessarily plans on reaching out to Transitions LifeCare for end of life assistance, their services are invaluable to family and caregivers dealing with the impending death of a loved one. When my father was in his last days, the comfort and compassion provided by the trusted professionals was welcomed by my mother and my siblings. I am grateful for their service and continue to support their mission through intentional philanthropy including the matching $ as part of the Corvettes International Virtual Car Show.

Transitions LifeCare, formerly Hospice Care of Wake County, took care of my mom in the last days of her life by making her as comfortable as they could and treating any pain she may have. They also gave us a pamphlet to help us understand the End of life stages. After my mom passed, Hospice kept in touch with me every month offering classes in grief, depression, and Spiritual care or offering to meet with me with any emotional need I may have. They are truly a very caring and loving organization. Please think of Hospice with a generous donation.

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