Sunday Cruises

Sunday Drive & Dine

On a monthly basis we coordinate “Sunday Afternoon Cruises”. Specific routes are planned ahead of time to decrease the possibility of running into surprises along the way with a destination at a restaurant where reservations have been made in advance or locations suitable for a picnic (in the Spring and Fall when temperatures are agreeable). We target destinations about an hour or so away from the Raleigh, NC area. The routes are primarily country roads in order to stay out of traffic. If the forecast indicates rain, the cruise is canceled. You don’t have to own a Corvette or be a member of Corvettes International to participate. All are welcome, including spouses, friends, kids and grandchildren. We’ve been averaging about 15-25 participants and 8-12 cars in the caravans. 

Emails about all cruises are sent to all Club Members prior to each cruise giving the details and they are also listed on the Club Events Calendar.