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2006 (4) QX1 Competition Gray Wheels/Michelin 4s Tires

These came off my 2006 Z51 Coupe
QX1 Option Wheels, 5-spoke, Competition Gray painted aluminum, 18" x 8.5" (45.7 cm x 21.6 cm), front and 19" x 10.0 " (48.3 cm x 25.4 cm), rear
The wheels are in very good shape.
TPMS Sensors were replaced 2 years ago

1x245/40 ZR18 date code 2220 new tire 0 miles
1x245/40 ZR18 date code 1921 1500 miles (almost all miles on track)
1x305/30 ZR19 date code 3821 new tire 0 miles
1x305/30 ZR19 date code 0220 7800 miles (about 3000 miles on track)

$1200 OBO, I have boxes to ship them if necessary.

Check link for pictures