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Sunday Afternoon Cruise: January 15, 2023


The January 15th Sunday Cruise will take us north to the little town of Creedmoor. Our destination will be the El Corral Mexican Restaurant, located at 406 N Main St, Creedmoor, NC. They have reserved their side dining area for us. Reservations are for 3:00 PM.


Stage-up Options:

  • Those of you who want to drive in the caravan can meet us in northern Wake County at Stony Hill Baptist Church, 7521 Stony Hill Rd, Wake Forest.
    • Departure time: 2:00. We’ll take a roundabout route to take advantage of the beauty of country roads in the area.
  • Those of you who prefer to drive alone can meet the rest of us at the restaurant. We will arrive there about 2:45 PM. There is parking beside and behind the restaurant, or you may find some spots on the street nearby.

Caravan Driving TIPs:

  1. Your job is to keep track of the car directly behind you. If that driver slows down, you slow down. Or if that driver has to stop, you pull over to wait for them as soon as possible. If everyone does this, it will cause a reverse domino effect. The leader will then only have to pay attention to the car directly behind him/her rather than trying to keep track of everyone, and it will keep all cars in closer proximity.
  2. When approaching an intersection with a Green Light, get through the intersection as quickly as possible. If you lolly-gag, the chances of you and the cars behind you catching a Red Light greatly increases. So stay “as tight as is safe” when you see a light ahead of us.
  3. If we have to stop for a Red Light, and there are multiple turn lanes, break out of line so we can occupy all turn lanes. Then once we get through the light you can get back into single file.
  4. NEW: If we are traveling on a multi-lane road and you are the last car in line and you are able to anticipate when the leader is going to make a lane change, go ahead and make the lane change ASAP. This will then tie up both lanes, allowing all cars in between the leader and you, the tail car, to change lanes with minimal distractions.


El Corral Mexican Restaurant

406 N Main St, Creedmoor, NC

Start Date & Time

January 15, 2023 2:00 pm

End Date & Time

January 15, 2023 5:00 pm


Contact the event organizer:

Steve Blakeman
Email: vetted@earthlink.net
Phone: 919-368-2770

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