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CI Club logo patch – $3

Order form (pdf)

Contact for more information. 

How to Order

  • All club members can order any garment in their online catalog with 20% discount
  • Choose either the club logo on the left, or your car and description
  • Our club logo can be placed as small on the front (left or right chest), or large on the back for jackets, denim shirts or sweat shirts only*
  • Jackets with large logo on back when quoted already includes the 20% discount
  • Order small club logo on any item in the catalog
  • Examples:
    $15 for corvette logo
    $25 for club logo small on left chest
    *$75 for large logo on back (see above for items that can accept the large logo)
    $25 for any corvette car
  • For questions, contact or phone 866-245-5882

These prices are in addition to the cost of the garment and do not include shipping.