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Instruction Video/s on how to set up a new 2023 vehicle


I have been given a detailed hands on demonstration,

and all was obvious at the time.

After reading the documentation,

I still can’t figure out, for example, how to get my tire pressure to be displayed

in the lower left corner of the dash screen.

Any help and direction would be appreciated.

Thanks……..BillyTee, Pinehurst, NC.

Bill… on the right side steering wheel buttons, scroll over till you get to options… then scroll down to the  second group tiles .. first need to delete the current ones.. you are only allowed 2 information tabs… the first one you highlight will go upper left side and second one right below it.. depending on where you want tire press.. any further problems call or text..919-649-8015

Doc   Aka Bubba (Stan Wilkins)

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