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Corvette Helms Factory Repair Manuals

In June I was taking the auto restoration course at Wake Tech, at the Hendrick Center for Automotive Excellence working on my 69. One of the instructors, Clark Correll, knew I was in a Corvette Club. One morning he came in and gave me a stack of corvette repair manuals to give out to club members. He said he was cleaning out his garage and had no further use for them. Very generous of him I thought.He had given me about 10 manuals that I brought to the July club meeting. I was able to distribute all but 3 at the meeting. The manuals I have left from the ones he gave me are all helms factory manual s. I have them for the 1987 Corvette, the 1993 Corvette (40th anniversary) and I have one for a 1993 S-10 truck. If you can use any of these let me know.

Ron Grieb


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